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Dinosaur Footprints

The coal mines of Fumanya, are an spot of undoubted interest. Mining mining in this area uncovered a wall with a set of dinosaur footprints of 65 million years ago.Visit to the   museu dels dinosaures . Ideal for children. Distance from hotel  30 minutes

Pons Colony

The Center for the Interpretation of the Church of Pons Colony, through three museums, presents the role played by the Church in the consolidation of the system of industrial colony in Catalonia.

Cercs Mines Museum

Located in the mining colony of Sant Corneli, the space shows how it was to live and work in a coal mine. By riding on a mine train, we can see what work was like inside the galleries.mina de carbó Ideal for children . Distance from hotel 20 minutes

Cement Train and Artigas Gardens

The route of the Cement Train is carried out through different places of tourist interest in the area, which include the exhibition of transport vehicles, located in the same station of La Pobla de Lillet.

Vidal Colony

The visit allows us to explore how it was to work and live in an industrial colony of the early twentieth century. Through a route guided by the old spaces of the colony you can make a fascinating journey to the past.


A place where you can touch and know the animals up close. In the center you can take a guided and interactive tour with animals with specialized instructors. Ideal for children of all ages. Duration 2 hours. Distance from hotel: 20 minutes